Become a Monthly Donor

Regular donations are the most convenient way to sustain quality of service to these families. A constant, secured income provides peace of mind as the need for Early Intervention and Early Detection increases in Namibia. This covers the basic costs in running and maintaining the centre and all the projects it runs.

Begin a corporate partnership

Inspire your colleagues, clients and customers by involving your business. Have your logo as a beacon of change in Namibia. Together we can make Namibia a community that cares and supports. Having corporate companies can strengthen our means of awareness, family and community support and the fight against victimization.

Fundraising events

Do something life changing for both yourself and for the awareness of disability. Get involved with our events or help us plan more events

Once off donations:

With the help of once off donations the Centre can plan and maintain growth. Listed below are a list of some expenses:

  • Fuel / Outings
  • Rent
  • Electricity & Water
  • Salaries
  • Telephone
  • Printing & Stationery
  • Food for healthy breakfast
  • Transport for Volunteers
  • Awareness
  • Therapist consulting
  • Therapy equipment
  • Funds for awareness campaigns
  • Parent/community trainings 


Be part of our Butterfly project every year. The butterfly project was inspired for children with Cerebral Palsy. Local Namibian, South African and even American ladies have joined hands in crocheting butterflies for the awareness of Cerebral Palsy. All funds that are raised goes towards the awareness of Cerebral Palsy and maintenance of our Early Intervention Program at Side by Side. In many cases these funds are used in severe cases where a child needs to be hospitalized or requires intensive therapy for a period.

Get involved and make a difference.

These butterflies are available on order or at the following places:
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